Who We Serve

AMERICAN SYSTEMS has earned the trust of our customers by focusing on the challenges they face in solving mission critical problems in support of national priority programs. We take pride in offering a suite of proven Strategic Solutions that help keep our nation and its citizens safe. Honed over four and a half decades of tried and true experience, we support the following Strategic Business Areas:




AMERICAN SYSTEMS delivers end-to-end transformative healthcare solutions to support our active duty military, veterans and their families, as well as federal civilian healthcare initiatives. Our support enhances our customers’ abilities to plan, implement and manage health IT capabilities that improve health outcomes and respond to emergent requirements, evolving legislative mandates and technological advancements. 

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AMERICAN SYSTEMS provides a diverse portfolio of solutions and services to support our Department of Defense customers across air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace domains on a worldwide basis. Our solutions include enterprise IT, mission system engineering, test & evaluation, training, program support, cybersecurity and data analytics – all focused on ensuring that our armed forces are informed and ready.


AMERICAN SYSTEMS supports our Intelligence Community customers by ensuring that they have the right tools, technologies, and tactics to succeed in their mission to protect our nation and counter global threats. We’re applying leading-edge technologies combined with mission expertise to provide tools and processes to help our customers to keep pace with and respond to the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Federal Law Enforcement

AMERICAN SYSTEMS harnesses the power of technology to empower our customers at the Departments of Justice, Treasury, and Homeland Security to anticipate and respond to threats to our national security and protect our citizens.  Our engineers have developed innovative solutions that leverage technology to help protect the homeland, respond to threats and disasters, enforce and administer our laws, as well as secure our borders and cyberspace to keep our fellow citizens safe.

U.S. Outreach

AMERICAN SYSTEMS supports a variety of U.S. customers in their missions beyond the borders of the United States, including the Department of State and NASA.  From conducting pilot training, to building tools that enable pilots and astronauts to fly more safely, to safeguarding our U.S. diplomats abroad, we help support America’s exploratory  and foreign policies by advancing the interests of the American people, their safety and economic prosperity. 

At AMERICAN SYSTEMS, we apply our subject matter expertise, proven methodologies, and the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions that meet our customers’ strategic objectives.  Everything we do is committed to enabling our customers to accomplish their missions successfully. We know what’s at stake.®